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Wales : In their own words

Wales as you may or may not know is my passion - my go to place, and the people I have met along the way have become friends, inspirations and mentors.

I will readily admit I am struggling being in one place with the same 4 people and 2 dogs, so this blog series is getting me out of the house albeit virtually! In this blog series I am focussing on Wales and the people I know and love there, and want people during this pandemic to be reminded of Wales too - whether it be for holidays or online shopping, maybe you have been before or have never been, perhaps you are relocating, or just need some Welsh inspiration. I will be on the M4 the minute the news is broadcast that the pandemic is over, never before has heading for the hills been more appealing as I sit here in the flattest part of the Thames Valley.

A lot of people I have spoken to have no idea where to go in Wales which surprises me - well here's a helping hand! Wales : In their own words is all about Wales. I would be thrilled if my readers thought “oh they sound great, let’s look at their website, book a stay, place an order, buy a book, tell our friends”.

Admittedly I am biased about Wales but this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the people and stories behind the businesses (I was taken by surprise when I heard what one business owner said what her job would be if she wasn’t doing what she’s doing). If you would like to be featured please drop me an email (hello@nelliepompoms.co.uk).

If you have a Welsh product you would like me to review at home then I can do that too, just let me know and I will send you my address, when we can travel I would like to review more Welsh hospitality businesses and experiences. All reviews will feature on two separate blog posts, one in ‘Wales : In their own words’ and one as a ‘Review’ post.

With so many events being cancelled or postponed people are naturally looking online and I am in the process of creating a shopfront on my website called The Cymru Collective which will link directly to websites where there will be affiliate links. If you would like to be involved please do let me know.

Wales may be small but it means the world to me (origin unknown)

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