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Age and Experience

You see an old dog with a grey muzzle. I see a beautiful, loyal hound with twelve and a half years of loving his family. All too often we glance and make an assumption based on what we see judging on what we perceive and forming an opinion on what we believe.

To you he’s a just a dog to me he’s more than that. He was once younger and more spritely, with an annoying penchant for sofas, chairs, bike tyres and saddle, soft toys and food. Food, yes any food. He was my constant companion when I was off sick for 5 months, he’d be the greeter at the door after a long and late shift, he’d guard and protect the girls from the missiles, I mean the post flying through the letter box. He’s a good judge of character and he knows how to say no. If he doesn’t want to, he won’t.

Age and experience is a gift, you add in hindsight and well you can’t live with the what ifs.

This face and I have grown old together. I touch up my grey whilst his gets commented on. Isn’t he doing well for twelve and a half? Yes and I’ll put that down to love. Both the love he gives and the love he receives.

You see an old face and behind it is a story. You can either walk by and make assumptions or you can stop and learn.

That’s my Monday motivation, I’m off to hoover up fur and mop up muddy footprints.


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