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All clean and tidy with Greener Clean

As much as I moan about cleaning it needs to be done and when it's done the house looks spotless. Until the untidiers come home!

When I went to Blog on Cymru in March I had a great time meeting bloggers and seeing my favourite CF14 friend, I also picked up a fabulous goodie bag with lots of useful and practical items in it. One of my favourite things was an eco friendly pot and pan brush. Not just any scrubbing brush but a very sturdy scrubbing brush! I will admit to buying scrubbing brushes that either break or get ruined so when I put this one through its paces I was relieved that it didn't break or crack under the pressure!

An email popped into my inbox asking if I would like to review the products and of course I said YES! As I said I don't get excited about the prospect of cleaning but I do enjoy it when I am in the swing of it! A parcel duly arrived containing a dish brush, dustpan and brush, scrubbing brush, all purpose cleaner, cloths, window wiper and all purpose cleaner and I gladly put everythng through its paces.

The all purpose cleaner did the job, it didn't overly smell and everywhere looked clean and sparkled when I had finished, the brushes as I have said are very strong and robust and really do clean without much effort, I liked the dustpan and brush which I use for sweeping the worksurfaces and tables as I already have a long handled dustpan and brush (which the children enjoy using!). The scrubbing brush came into its own though with the girls' football boots. I brushed the dry mud off and then scrubbed them with a little bit of water. No more mud traipsing through the house!

I did enjoy using the products and will definitely look at Greener Cleaner for new brushes and cloths and would like to thank them for the opportunity to review their products.

Greener Cleaner have very kindly given me a box to give away so if you would like to be in with a chance then please leave a comment on my Facebook page and I will draw a name out of the hat on random on Monday 8 December.


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