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I was prompted to write this post following the major incident in London. A lot of people had posted and retweeted about officers always running into danger and not away from danger and I wanted to share just some things that our Police, together with other emergency services, face each day. I spent 5 years in neighbourhood policing and each shift was different, sometimes I went home feeling deflated, sometimes elated. After each shift I got home. On my last shift I signed off my call sign on the radio myself.

Always running into danger

Passing chat with random stranger

Talking people down from bridges

Arresting folk who steal from fridges

All the things that you don't see

Victims, death and tragedy

Diverting traffic for a reason

Out all weathers, every season

Going into school and talking

Lots of plodding, lot of walking

Things that would make your stomach churn

Facing danger at every turn

Dealing with a drunken driver

Filthy spitting, grim saliva

Always eating on the hoof

Get down now, get off that roof

Helping out a dear old lady

Who thinks her name is Doris, maybe?

Stuck at the computer in the nick

Sifting through a file so thick

Opening emails there's a court warning

Going to bed, off late, mid morning

Listening at the radio calls

Helping as a person falls

Looking at the drunk and thinking

What's the reason for hard drinking

Always running into danger

Counting hours with a stranger

Polished boots and high vis jacket

Please turn down your nasty racket

Hoping neighbours will stop fighting

Or the dog is tame, no biting

Dealing with the parking woes

Hoping boarder upper shows

All the names under the sun

Will get to go when job is done

Off home late yet at work early

This lady says her name is Shirley

Always running into danger

Passing chat with random stranger

Working with the ambo crew

They have patients to pull through

Your mum's a whore and you're a tosser

Some of the insults that are on offer

Oh look now it's the fire truck

Put it out quick with lots of luck

Yes I know the road is busy

You are drugged you're acting dizzy

No this isn't the number for wine

You have dialled 999

Into danger running fast

Hope the casualty will last

Hello Fire, we need you here

The bonnet's crumpled, are you near?

Sorry loved one I'll be off late

Yes it's 10 and should be 8

Always thinking on your feet

How is rudeness for a greet

Quit your swearing and your spitting

That's my crew mate you are hitting

Always running into danger

Giving directions to a stranger

Yes you're swearing lots and scorning

You'll still be in custody in morning

Then there's things that should be done

Looking out for number one

And all the others on the shift

Giving truants to school a lift

Often spat at, hostile greeting

In nick early, got a meeting

Sir and sarge and guv'nor

Tears are flowing, grief is raw

All of this and still no grumble

What's your name you're slurring mumble

Always running into danger

Seeking out the violent stranger

Back at the nick for meal breaks

Domestic violence victim shakes

Scene watch and the preservation

Not got time for conversation

She was asking for a fight

She is shaking face is white

Where's your keys and where's your licence?

And I'm asking for compliance

I hate him and he hates me

I hit him twice, he hit me three

Have you drugs upon your person?

Is this your bag you seem uncertain?

When the shift comes to an end

Your crew mate and your loyal friend

Shares the jobs that end the shift

And asks if you need a lift

No you go, I'll take a walk

I need the space to think not talk

Home at last and into bed

The body first and then the head

It takes a while to shake the day

But thankful to have hit the hay

Always running into danger

Never knowing what you'll find

Always running into danger

Everybody on your mind

Always running into danger

For the public you protect

Always running into danger

There are some shifts you can't forget


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