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Barefoot Therapies

Oh my days!

I floated home after the most beautiful aroma facial at Barefoot Therapies in Farley Hill. I was introduced to Camilla by a friend of mine who said "you must meet `Camilla, you will love her", which is always worrying just incase you I didn't. That friend was indeed right and the first time I met Camilla we clicked and we nattered about everything for 2 hours. At the end of the "quick coffee" Camilla very kindly offered me a a facial and I had no hesitation in accepting.

Camilla Chawner-Davis is a Holistic Therapist who owns and runs Barefoot Therapies,

based in Farley Hill, Berkshire. Camilla is a member of the Association of Reflexology

and the Federation of Holistic Therapists and has a passion for delivering beauty treatments

and therapies in a holistic manner. From maternity and fertility reflexology to facials, waxing and manicures Camilla’s personal approach and natural wish to care, ensures every client is taken out of their busy world and enveloped in Camilla’s.

As the day approached I was well and truly ready to be pampered. I could pretend that I have a beauty routine and my facial would be maintenance but in truth I don't look after my skin as much as I should do. Despite bearing nearer to 50 than 15 I still have the odd spot which I call teenage acne in an effort to remain young and youthful. Thankfully there was no massive break out and I appeared free of make up, albeit with tired looking skin.

Just reading The Philosophy is calming.

Welcome to Barefoot Therapies a haven of holistic health and wellbeing, a place of soothing tones, pleasant aromas and a feeling of calm and relaxation. A place where clients never feel rushed; just calm, relaxed and well looked after. A place where your therapist is fully qualified, registered and insured, who offers treatments of the highest standard using the best quality products in professional yet peaceful and comfortable surroundings. Ολιστική is Greek for holistic. Holism originates from Ancient Greece and means dealing with or treating the whole and not just a part.

At Barefoot Therapies, treating the whole person is a fundamental part of our values. We follow these ancient principles and aim to treat mind, body and soul helping clients to restore their equilibrium and natural healing properties.

Barefoot Therapies is easy to find and there is plenty of parking so there's no fussing around trying to find somewhere to park and worry that the parking ticket becomes a fine, these things are important when going for a treatment as I see it as time to relax and unwind.

The minute I stepped into Camilla's warm and cosy treatment room I left the chaos of the world at the door and began to relax and unwind. Camilla not only has a treatment room but she also has a waiting room which is warm and welcoming.

After the initial consultation where I discussed my skincare routine, health and lifestyle Camilla discussed the treatment and up onto the bed I hopped. I drifted into a relaxed state whilst Camilla, who uses REN products and dreamy techniques brought my skin back to life with the REN Bespoke Facial. The aromas from the array of products were dreamy and relaxing and Camilla's touch was firm but gentle, at no point did I wince or wish her touch was lighter or firmer, it was perfect! The treatment also included a back massage which was amazing and quite different to anything I have had before. Instead of lying face down and having to do that embarrassing move around I lay on my back and Camilla applied just the right amount of pressure using the weight of my body.

At the end of the treatment I came to and gingerly arose from the treatment bed not wishing the experience to end. There was no rush to jump off and face the world as Camilla doesn't cram her diary, instead I sat up, sipped water and gradually reclothed myself before calmly walking out of the door glowing.

I'm definitely going to work my way through the treatment list, infact just reading through the list is relaxing!

Don't just take my word for it though, get in touch with Camilla and leave your frantic world at the door as you glide into a calm and tranquility and into the warmth and safe hands of Camilla.

The Garden Room, Farley Hill, Berkshire

07799 661229


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