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Barking at litter, literally!

Last week I took the dog out for a quick stroll, he had a good sniff, dash and scratch then he started barking. Proper barking, warning barking - not just barking at a cat walking by but a full on I need your attention and I am going to protect you bark. As I rounded the corner I could see that he was barking at a dumped freezer, telly and car seat. He was barking! I was barking!

Someone had driven a vehicle along the path and had dumped their unwanted items, with no care for anyone or anything. I rang the council and reported the fly tipping and they said they would pass it on. I also said that it needed to be collected promptly because it was a a hazard and posed a risk if anyone was cycling or driving down the path. Just imagine if an emergency vehicle was on an immediate shout and their path was blocked by someone's discarded junk, or a cyclist didn't see it until it was too late.

There really is no excuse for fly tipping. We have 2 tips near us and I take what I can in my stupidly small car, sometimes making more than one trip, if I have too much for my car then I will use Big Welsh's car, if it's too big for his car then I will ask a friend with a bigger car or van to help BUT I will go with them to the tip, because it's my rubbish. Not because I don't trust them (because there are people out there who take stuff which ends up in lay-bys and ditches) but because I do enjoy a trip to the tip and when I am older I will enjoy a Granny style Sunday drive to the tip!

What if everyone decided to be lazy and bone idle and just dumped their rubbish where they saw fit or threw their rubbish out of the window? Or leave it in a ditch? Or block a road? With no care or consideration for anyone else. It's not on and it's the kind of thing that gets me hot under the collar.

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