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Being brave, honest and putting your hand up

Maybe you're not dogged by depression, or you don't know anyone who is but the chances are you are never far from someone who finds it all a struggle. However you may well never know that they're struggling because they might not say anything, because there's a stigma attached to it. You know back in the days of our childhood when people talked about people who weren't right in the head, or had demons, or drank to block it out - whatever it was - those people exist within and amongst us.

I feel so strongly about being brave, honest and putting your hand up. I have written about it, I have spoken about it, I’ve joked about it and I don’t mind admitting it because if a strong, busy, vibrant, adventurous and funny person can admit to it then surely anyone can?

I don't wear a mask, I wear my heart on my sleeve, ask me how I am and if it's one of those moments my bottom lip will wobble and my eyes will water and I won't be able to say much.

But what I do is say is this - there's times when my low is so low. I don't need pity or someone to say stiff upper lip, I'm done with that - I have been doing it since I was 9. What I do need is for people to understand and know it's me it's just a low me, and for those who feel like I do to be brave like me and put their hand up and say something.


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