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Easy like Sunday Morning

What are you doing this Sunday? Me? I’m multi tasking .... well what I really mean is I’m doing some admin on my website and I’ve got the telly on. I’ve watched a few episodes of EastEnders with Loops (that Gray character is repulsive and if his behaviour reminds you of anyone then please do the right thing and speak up), some NZ cop show and Road Wars (gosh my old colleagues looked so young back then, they’re probably retired now). I thought I had recorded an old Wycliffe but I can’t find it.

So in answer to my own question what are you doing? The answer is prattling about but it’s time I went out for a bimble.

I imagine my friends in the tourism and hospitality arena are checking and double checking everything before things open up a little bit more tomorrow. Oh gosh that reminds me (and you) I’ll be on BBC Radio Berkshire on Monday just after 7am to talk about the changes in restrictions. Also don’t forget Little Door Productions' The Pact begins on BBC tomorrow. Have you seen the cast? Lots of familiar faces and filmed in Wales.

I’m off to meet up with my cousin this week, he commissioned portraits of our 4th great grandparents Alexander and Susannah Gordon who founded Gordon's Gin in 1769 so we’re off to see them and I can’t wait.

Anyway I digress. Have a root around the website for some Welsh inspiration and have a lovely lazy day.


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