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Family Camping at Glanusk

I have a hazy recollection of my first family camping trip as a child. The memories are quite sketchy as I was only young at the time, I can't think how old exactly but it was definitely before I was 9. All I can remember is the tent was to the right of the car, my brother had an asthma attack and it rained in the night which added to the excitement of being outside! After that I then went through a phase of camping in the garden, as close to the back door as possible with Amanda who lived down the lane and my dog for company. When I say camping I mean staying up late, talking and scoffing on whatever food we had foraged, then needing the loo and going inside! Many years ago we went camping in France with 2 tents, 3 children (none of which were teenagers) and a pile of Risotto rice. It's the funny things about camping that you remember!

Next Saturday is the Family Camping at Glanusk which looks to be a fabulously family friendly and fun filled camping opportunity. I'm not sure Laree will remember much about her first camping holiday in France but I hope that she will remember her first family camping in Wales.

For more details about the Family Camping and events at Glanusk look here!


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