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Getting organised : in the freezer

I don't profess to be a domestic goddess or an all the time highly efficient housekeeper but I do try new ideas to see if they will work.

Like in my freezer for example.

We have lots of frozen fruit, peas and spinach in the freezer and I hate it when they escape and rattle around the 4 corners of the drawers, it's irritating. Which is why I have pegs, clips and boxes for the freezer. In a flurry of high organisation I will whizz up a pile of garlic and then freeze it ready to add to whatever I am cooking. In the summer months when my herb garden is at its best I harvest the crop and either whizz it or throw it all in a bag. At Christmas when freezer space is at a premium I slice up lemons to bung in the freezer and I've got ice and a slice in one go. Really simple solutions.

In the past I have "lost" dishes to my freezer and when I look for them on the shelf they are not there which leads me to scratch my head for a while, check the dishwasher or another cupboard incase they have been put back in the wrong place and then use a bowl that is either too big or too small. That's a thing of the past as I now freeze everything flat in bags.

Yes, such an easy space saving idea. Instead of having bags of misshapen food I now have a filing cabinet style freezer fandango thing going on!

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Pour food into a suitable bag, I find the ones from IKEA are ideal as they have a double clip top.

2. Label.

3. Place flat into the freezer.

How easy? Really easy! Look how easy!


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