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Getting organised : under the sink

You know when you can't find what you are looking for and you know it is there because you have jammed it in there? That's how it was for me on Saturday morning. I was looking for something under the sink and it had to be there, how could it not be there? It was there and a whole lot more besides!

It seemed like a little task to begin with!

But there was heaps hidden around the corner

and it took over!

SO. Big fat so, I decided to sort it out. There was an iron that was knackered with a cable that looked unsafe, stuff for the loo and bathroom (why is it in the kitchen?), jars without lids, lids without jars, half empty bottles - well you get the picture!

When I had siphoned off the products into bottles so I had 1 or maybe just 2 bottles I put the loo cleaning and bathroom products in the downstairs loo and bathroom so they were where they would be used, then washed all the cloths and when dry put them in a big tin I had got from Pizza Express.

I put some bits into a handy wire storage basket I got years ago from Dee Puddy

Gathered together all the gloves and put them in another tin

Put the dustery polish stuff in a bucket

The scourers in a glass jar (with no lid)

The bags and things into a pop corn tub (that needed some sellotape to keep it in shape)

et voila!

Everything is in its place and easy to find!

So that's that done and now I can find everything I want!


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