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Gifts for all

I love buying gifts, some of them make it to the recipient and some I keep! There's nothing nicer than finding something that is just right for that certain someone and here are a few of my favourite things:-

Gifts for Gardeners

I wrote this blog post last year and it's still current.

Gifts for women

I originally wrote this as a hint hint for my birthday.

Gifts for the house

This was a fabulous find and one that I jolly up depending on what is happening!

Gifts for the cook

Finding something for the kitchen diva is always fun, but I do tend to buy something for my kitchen too!

Gifts from Anglesey

During our half term adventure to Anglesey I popped into Halen Mon's shop, I had to be dragged away as there was so much I wanted!

Stationery gifts

I do enjoy giving stationery as a gift, there's a wide array of wonderfulness in shops and websites that cater for everyone. I am a great fan of 2 Little Boys and Sally Swannell.

Welsh Gifts from Ty Cariad in Brecon

My friend Becca runs a beautiful shop in Brecon. I always nip in to see what delights she has got in store.

Luxury Welsh Toiletries

I have long been a fan of Myddfai which is a social enterprise in Wales. Their products smell delightful and a firm favourite in our bathroom!

Clothing Gifts

I spend a lot of time just bimbling around and finding nice things to share with people, earlier in the year I was at the Country Living Fair and here's a roundup of clothing gifts.

Farm Shops

The popularity of farm shops has risen hugely over the years and I always manage to nip into one when I am out and about, one of my favourite local ones is Wellington Farm Shop just over the county border.

I hope you find something you might like, do let me know how you get on!


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