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Grief and another should be birthday


When someone dies you never stop thinking of them and celebrating their birthday for them. I remember in amongst the raw grief and subsequent breakdown someone said that I was lucky to have such a friend as so many don’t truly have a BFF. I am incredibly lucky and I know that. In 10 years we never argued, we laughed a lot and shed tears but never argued. Today Mme Cholet should be 52 and we should be laughing and being embarrassing, albeit at a distance.

Today I will be watching Muriel’s Wedding and remembering my beautiful friend on her birthday as she remains fabulous and forever 47. Hell's teeth I miss everything about her and we could all do with her right now. Why Muriel’s Wedding? If I did or said anything remotely risqué or cheeky or naughty or near the bone she would say in her Wagga Wagga drawl "you're dreadful Muriel". Just one of the funny things that made us laugh even more. I miss you Mme Cholet. I do, I do, I do.

We used to say something and incorporate it into a song, we’d duet long into the night here and en vacances and talk inconsequential rubbish. I miss those times. At her funeral I said “she was simply the best” and “I have loved her for a thousand years, I will love her for a thousand more”. She was indeed the best and I will love her a thousand more.

Clare my darling friend, thank you for all the fun, the love, the guidance, the ear and above all thank you for the music.


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