I'm just ......

When I ask my offspring to empty the dishwasher / bring their washing down / do a chore I'm met with "I'm just" and my heart sinks.


They're not "just going to tidy their rooms" because they don't look any better when they've been up there for an hour, they're not "just doing homework" because there's still the panic the day before it's due in. They're "just avoiding".


Imagine the boot being on the other foot?  "Mum can we leave now" .. "I'm just going to empty the dishwasher that you didn't empty last night", "I'm just going to put the bins out as it's bin day". Can you feel the uproar?  Well a few days of this and they're "just" about getting my point.


They are "just being teenagers" and I'm "just being mum".


And as Coldplay sang "nobody said it was easy" it isn't, parenting is immensely hard but "I'm just doing my best".

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