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Impromptu Kitchen Revamp (thanks to Lidl)

I didn't wake up this morning thinking "I know what I'll do today I'll do a kitchen revamp" what I did think was "if I get everyone to school and work in time I will nip into Lidl and pick up some Hunter Chicken for supper as it's the crazy afternoon of football training and I'll need to be in 2 places at once and everyone will be hungry, before I head home and get on with the things I need to whistle through this morning.

Ha ha ha, school run was the normal chaos as everyone wanted to be first to be dropped off, there were more bags than children and activities as well as the normal "Daddy goes this way", "do we have to listen to your music", "can you pick me up" and other conversations but we proceeded in the general direction of drop one, drop another, then another and then home. Via Lidl.

I noticed this morning that the Lidl baskets were a darker grey, I am sure they were blue and I wondered where the old ones are and have the recycled them? I could do with a few for the shed so I might ask them nicely (Lidl, if you are reading this and you have any spare blue shopping baskets can I have a few, well actually 10 for my shed?). I advanced towards the Bakery section and chose a pain au chocolat pretending for one minute I was in Bordeaux and Mme Cholet and I had nipped out for a cafe au lait. Then to the Hunter Chicken aisle and off round to the bin bag aisle pausing at the surprise aisle. Named due to the suprises you can find there. My great friend Katie Fforde (whose advice I always take) got me into Lidl, one time she bought a life jacket for a dog and a mini fire extinguisher, so now we always take a look in the Surprise Aisle to see what we can find.

There in front of me was some decorative film on a roll in pale grey with stars.

Of course I needed this and bought one roll thinking I would do the inside of the glass fronted cupboards in the kitchen. When I had done everything I needed to do this morning. I did a few things and then decided that I would see what I was doing and do ONE shelf just to make sure it would a) work and b) look good. Top marks for both of those. Off everything came from the shelves, on went the decorative roll and back everything went, and it looked good.

However I felt that the other shelves needed doing so I nipped back to Lidl and picked up 2 more rolls at 2 for £2.50. Whilst there I was chatting to a really friendly lady who had picked up the zebra print and some covering for her windows. We chatted a while about how easy it was to use and off I went! Home. To finish off the cupboards. Nothing could go wrong of course. No of course not. I wasn't ever going to cut it so that it wouldn't fit, no not me. Wrong!

So I emptied out the drawers and lined them before looking at the ugly microwave and decided that needed a little sprucing up. The microwave soon got the sticky backed plastic treatment - even the door opening button.

However in doing all of that I ran out so had to go back to Lidl again. Thankfully word had not reached Wokingham that there was decorative film in store so I graciously grabbed the last 2 rolls and went to the till. Then home.

With 2 new rolls.

Out came all the plates and bowls and jugs and egg cups, before the shelves were lined and most of the things were put back. In the space of 2 hours I had transformed my kitchen. Not a massive transformation but it looks different and my next project will be the shelves in the bathroom. If I can find some more grey and stars!

The rolls are £1.49 each or 2 for £2.50 and the dimensions are 45 x 200, for furniture, walls or books, easy to use and self adhesive. That's what I call #LidlSurprises.


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