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It's ok to put your hand up

I recently read an article about celebrities and mental health. We know about celebrities and their struggles because it sometimes becomes a news story. It's news because they're celebrities, and because they're high profile their story is more widely read. I say good for them for either admitting their demons or offering their support. Anyone who raises the profile and knocks away the stigma commands my respect. I admire anyone who puts their hand up and says "hey I'm smiling and functioning, but I'm also struggling. Hug me.". Sometimes the hardest part is admitting it to yourself.

There are countless people that you might walk past every day that are struggling with one or many demons.

I'm not a celebrity and I'm prepared to tell you I've struggled. I've struggled with untreated childhood grief, post natal depression, bulimia, body dysmorphia, anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression, some of which I struggle with on a daily basis still.

There I've said it.

Now your turn.

Don't hide your struggles because there's people who can help, who will listen and nod, who won't tut and tell you to get over it.

If you think someone is struggling give them a hug and say it's safe to talk. Suggest they talk to their GP who will be able to prescribe some form of support. Don't keep it all in. It's ok to put your hand up.


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