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Life through songs

We're surrounded by music. Everywher we go there is music. I walk into my kitchen and Big Welsh has the radio on, Laree has a music channel on the telly in the sitting room, Loops & Mook often share their music so the whole house can hear it, I jump in my car and the radio is on, walk into shops and there's music. Music, music everywhere!

I sometimes link songs with life events so have attempted to create a life play list, it''s not Desert Island Discs it's just a cheeky nod to the music that seems to fit!

Who can remember their first memory? I know I can't. I can remember being 5 and my dad returning from sea with a toy panda for me and a Foreign Legion Action Man for my brother. I was heartbroken! As much as I loved my panda Chi Chi or Cha Cha I remember wanting THAT Action Man! I can't think of a tune to go with that memory so will settle for Music by John Miles!

The teenage years were spent at boarding school where we thought we were cool and ruled the world! I'm sure we thought we were All The Young Dudes and Cool For Cats We we were cool, we thought we were dudes but we didn't rule the world, oh well Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad!

When I was 21 I moved to our first house in Wokingham with Big Welsh. It was a cosy 2 up/2 down semi in a quiet side road and our neighbours were as sociable as us. We had some brilliant evenings, infact we had plenty of Crazy Crazy Nights. Our friends and neighbours would cram into our house or garden and there would always be antics which prompted the anthem of the upper class tarts I Know Him So Well whilst Big Welsh and Jimmy danced Into the Valley.

Life then changed when Loops was born. Suddenly we were sensible parents with a social life governed by a small cuddly bundle of happiness who we fell in love with, safe to say I knew I loved her before I met her. The Mook arrived followed by Laree and Our House got smaller and the noise got louder.

One song that stuck in my head during my late 30s/early 40s was Don't Let it Show, my answer to the great British stiff upper lip. Obviously not much had changed from my teenage years as I still thought we would Rule The World!

And now? Motherhood! Life with 3 girls who are So Beautiful to me. They drive me mad and don't do their chores and I know I have screamed a lullaby but I also know nothing stays the same.

What songs shaped your life? I would love to hear about them!


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