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My new find : The Hinza Bag

When I first saw the Hinza Bag on the Pulse Instagram feed I love, love, loved it. I am partial to storage solutions, shopping bags and bright colours so without a doubt the Hinza Bag fitted the bill perfectly. The nice people at Hinza very kindly sent me a bag and I promised to write up about it once I had lived with it for a while and shown it off to everyone. My good friend Caroline from Licorice picked it up for me as I was unable to get to London and when I picked it up she said that she liked it very much and thought the handles were great. To begin with I was not convinced on the handles but they are infact really rather comfortable.

On my first outing my Hinza Bag people did a double take and asked me where I got it from so I told them, they also asked about the other colours as orange is perhaps not for them, it does indeed come in a range of colours. As we were heading off to New Quay for half term I took the bag with me as it would come in useful for the beach and picnics. It's sturdy, doesn't fall over, it's not rigid so it was easy to cram plenty into it, it can be rinsed through without any lasting damage (unlike my sparkly wicker bag) and it's useful for filling a moat when a small bucket just isn't big enough!

On the way to New Quay I popped into Cashell's in Crickhowell and the bag was much admired, so much so that they now have a bag that they filled with goodies for a picnic during Heartbreak Productions performance of Ratburger at Glanusk. It also acted as an introduction as I had tweeted with Ginny for a while but had never met her, when I spotted the bag I said hello!

Whilst in New Quay the bag was used every day for beach and shopping, I would pop into The Bluebell Deli (the new deli which is fantastic) and grab my coffee and some bits for snacks then head down to the beach. It didn't matter if the bag got wet or covered in sand as it's so easy to clean. When the tide came in quicker than expected the Hinza Bag stood its ground and everything in the bag was dry and safe (don't forget there were a handful of teenagers with their gadgets so safety was an issue!). Of course being at the beach meant that castles needed to be built, Laree dug a moat and Big Welsh filled it with water in a few journeys, not the hundreds of buckets normally required when making sand features.

Back at the cottage the Hinza Bag was used as a laundry basket, an ice bucket, a tray to take things to and from the table before being refilled each morning with beach gear. At home it's been used for shopping, wet swimming gear, laundry, ice bucket (again!), a plant carrier and resuscitator, for a spot of weeding, storage and for gathering recycling. Its uses are plenty.

A Hinza bag is not a bag like any other. It is not even just a bag. The classical stylish shape makes it fit in anywhere, the plastic material allows it to withstand almost anything it is exposed.

The Hinza bag is excellent for storage – a colourful, stylish alternative for keeping things organized at home and at the office. The Hinza bag provides easy access to your crafts, tools and toys.

The Hinza bag is as obvious a choice for picnics and outings as for pool parties and shopping trips. It is perfect for hobby and gardening jobs as it is sturdy and easy to clean. The Hinza bag is available in two sizes, the smaller version is a perfect fit for a bicycle basket.

The many colours and the two sizes means everyone can find their favorite. There is a Hinza bag for everything and everyone!

Manufactured in Sweden, using the original design from the 1950s.

What's not to love? Here's what Neris has to say about it:

Love love love my Hinza bag, its been down the beach, to the shops, carried my daughters unicorn. in the garden weeding and now an emergency party bucket, versatile and fun!

And there's exciting news ...... Cashell's loved the bag so much that they are now stocking them, just in time to grab goodies for the Green Man Festival and lazy summer days. Just one more reason to visit Crickhowell!


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