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Last day of skiing today, down to Annecy for a wedding, then home for the start of the Summer term. So glad I had washed the uniform and it’s all ready to go for Monday. We’ve had a glorious ski, so good to be back in the Alps. Looking forward to seeing the dogs and being at home for a week before heading off to Wales.

In my dreams.

So we’ve got at least 3 weeks of this and it’s not easy at times but it’s not hard either. It’s necessary and we are all in this together. I’m getting out with the dogs and discovering footpaths I only ever drove past, we’re all home and it’s a chaos, we see the neighbours every Thursday at 8pm, we don’t have to find excuses not to do things, we have a long list of things to do to the house before we put it on the market, we’re talking more, we’ve adapted to cutting each other’s hair, next we will be waxing and doing manicures, I’ve been reading, writing and listening to audible.

Maybe boarding school was my training for this. Every move was questioned, the fun sponge police took things away from you, freedom was one walk a week, we observed the 6” rule, with no access to shops we wore the same things and borrowed from friends, we were governed by routine and we learnt, perhaps not rocket science stuff and I’ll talk for myself in that, but we learnt valuable lessons, we used to get excited when we saw someone from the Boys Coll, now we get excited seeing Chris Whitty and I expect there’s a lot of us who say he was at Malvern and his brother was in our year. The only difference is the food is edible and there’s no hatching, floating or being on high.

It’s an unreal, bonkers and worrying time for everyone and we’re all going a bit stir crazy, but it’s necessary.


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