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Nell Gets Well : Chapter Five

You must be nuts!

So many people have expressed surprise at my change in habits, most have been supportive, those who haven't aren't my concern. I am doing it for me. Not for anyone to pick holes in.


In 4 weeks I have started running, slept better, stopped snoring, no aching back, been to the gym, my skin glowing, eyes bright, nose wet, waggy tail, I've sorted out all my clothes that are too big for me.

Granted the lost voice weekend was grim but I got through it with none of my normal go to medicines and orange drink to aid recovery. I still have no idea where this willpower and resolve came from.

Feeling Good

Last week I went to a photo shoot and whilst I still felt I looked like a slug the team were so lovely and I felt like crying as they were saying "wow you're photogenic", "look at that smile". I have felt like a slug for so long, but now I am feeling like a caterpillar which is an altogether more attractive sight in my eyes.

I did a run, turned down advances from evil sugar pushing dealers, wore smaller clothes and had to buy an emergency pair of trousers to tide me over, slipped into a size 14 top and just for laughs tried on Milla's anorak. Size 12. Previously I had been in 20/22.

It's not a numbers game

Yes I have lost weight and inches but I did not set out to do it as a weight loss programme. I have done plenty of those when I have had 3 sachets a day. I am not going without. I am still eating, but I am eating foods that heal not harm. It is a massive education and steep learning curve. At no point have I wanted to cave in and throw in the towel (the towel is getting bigger by the way as I am getting smaller).

I said I would do it for 6 weeks. I’m looking at week 4 that’s just hiding just after the weekend. I am actually doing it for 7 weeks as that’s when I’m seeing my life changer again.

It's not actually been that hard

It’s not been hard, if someone says give something up it’s not good for you would you? You probably give up on a book as it doesn’t grab you, don’t watch telly as you don’t like the cast so why carry on with foods that harm? You give up your so called toxic friends because they bring you down, yet still you fill your face, body, mind and space with foods that make you feel sluggish.

I did this for me. I identified a problem but didn’t really know what the problem was. I blamed all the medicines. I took advice from well intentioned people but didn’t act on it. I was miserable. Nothing was going to change until I changed. And I’m changing.

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