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Nell Gets Well : Chapter Seven

Today marks 5 weeks of this elimination process and I’m staring into week 6! Who knew it was possible to find such will power, restrain and dedication? Today though I have felt slow. Not sluggish just slow. I had a nice evening at Nirvana last night and got home to go straight to bed. Only to wake up at 330 needing a wee. Once up I didn’t feel tired so went downstairs and treated myself to a mug of hot milk with one sugar. No I didn’t. I just had a glass of water! I did go back to sleep and then woke up even more tired. Which has had a knock on effect. I’ve felt quite unnerved by this slow feeling as I’ve not felt like it for a while but I snapped myself out of it by taking the dog for a walk. Slug Nell would have reached for anything sweet and sugary, Get well Nell reached for the dog lead. I have changed! With changes in my mind comes changes everywhere. Eczema, athletes foot, reflux, snoring, back ache, neck ache, hip ache - all gone and I need to focus on that, the positives. So many positives and with it so many positive and kind comments. I feel warm and touched by every comment of encouragement. A number of people said if anyone can you can, they believed in me yet I didn’t know I had it in me to believe in me. As things changed so did my self belief.


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