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Nell Gets Well : Chapter Six

Having said I would publish my Nell Gets Well on a Tuesday I have got the blog up to date and you can read them all here

Yesterday morning I had a brief chat with Elizabeth and we talked about my sugar addiction. If anyone knows anything about addiction it's her! I'm looking forward to talking about addiction and recovery with her on Friday, do come along!

I went to Gloucester Uni for a tour with Milla, after the tour she said "Wagamama" to which I momentarily thought Ebi Katsu, Chilli Squid, Chicken Katsu Curry. Then my clever brain coupled up with my happy heart and said "actually no, look at how far you have come, you can have that another time but for now you won't enjoy it". So we went to Wagamama.

I looked at the menu and much like driving past the Chinese I didn't think I needed all that I normally had, then I asked the waiter for the Allergy Menu. Who knew there was such a thing? I tell you this whole wellness journey is a learning curve!

The Allergy Menu at Wagamama has each menu choice with all the allergens, so I looked for the ones I could eat and went for the Chicken Ramen with Chicken Stock and no noodles. The manager came across and took my order, explaining that he would deliver the order to the chef, the chef would personally prepare my food and the manager would bring my food over to me. And then I waited. As the food orders went past my table I looked at them, my stomach gently calm whereas before it would be growling "feed me.

I've been to the pub, I've been to Wagamama, I've been shopping, I've been cooking, I've baked, I've devised recipes that suit me. I'm changing.

I can do this!


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