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Nellie Knows : 15 October 2020

Of all the ways of starting the week I never envisaged driving to Newbury Showground for a Covid test but that is indeed how this week started.

Thankfully I had watched a video outlining what happens or I would have laughed at the flip chart activity a la Love Actually.

If you’ve been for a test you’ll know what I’m talking about but if you haven’t it is a surreal experience and a test on following rules with the biggest one being DON'T OPEN YOUR WINDOW. That was hard, it’s human nature to wind down the window when someone talks to you, actually.

Here’s hoping the negative results are back soon and it’s nothing more than a chest infection and pleurisy so we can get back to “normal”.  School isn’t on the page whilst we self isolate, I’m missing stepping outside my front door on a whim and I hate having to ask people for help, so thank you to those brilliant people who have stepped in.

One of my friends in Canada has been nursing Covid patients since day one, she now has Covid and wrote this 

It creeps up on you like a Black Panther chasing his kill. It starts in the muscles where every movement hurts but tricks you into thinking you are overworked and  overtired. Then the temperature hits and then the loss of smell, appetite and taste. Then the headache nausea and diarrhoea.  I have not had a cough until this morning. Not to mention the fever chills. But no matter how many symptoms you have it’s the pain of the ache in Every Single Movement that makes you yell out in pain. When you must use your  other hand to remove your jammed wrist under your chin because you can’t move it without help. And you can count on a fever starting around 4 pm and  lasting all night. It hits you like a truck. Then a Cargo ship. Every breath takes effort. Taking a shower is the most energy you can give and then it takes 2 hours to regain the strength. Bed is my refuge. Your calls and texts are my comfort. Yesterday I received 3 deliveries of juice and water and soup and my neighbour made me lunch and dinner. Although I can’t eat right now I appreciate the gestures so very much. It’s my turn  And  not surprisingly Christian is symptomatic and awaiting his test result. It was just a matter of time.

Thankfully she is getting better. I am still waiting for my Covid test result. I do however know I have a chest infection and pleurisy for which I am taking meds for and am staying in the warm. Stay safe, well, at a distance and behind a mask. 


Nellie Williams
Nellie Williams
Oct 24, 2020

Both tests are negative! Dirk would be incandescent with rage but would be amazingly resourceful!


Oct 15, 2020

Hope you are ok and your test comes back negative ! Have possibly placed this comment under the wrong thread ! It’s been a mine field just being able to leave you a comment ! Wonder what Dirk would feel about the new Tier system ? Jokes aside , hope you are ok X

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