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Nellie Knows : 19 March 2020

Who knew that loo roll, pasta and anti bacteria gel would knock weather, Brexit and traffic off the top talking spots but they have and we are living in strange times.

I have seen the best of people with them rallying round, community cohesion, buddy schemes and offers of help. I think that by now people have spoken to those they never knew were neighbours and there is a strong support network. I have also seen the worst in people. I appreciate that this is a time of great uncertainty but judging people on their shopping trolley is a low blow. I am shopping and I will be buying things I don’t normally buy as I will be buying it for people I don’t normally shop for, because for one reason or another they can’t get to the shops. I recently put a call out on Twitter asking if anyone could help me with some shopping for a housebound relative out of this area and was heartened by the response.

Well, I certainly had a memorable birthday this year, you do know that Monday 16th March 2020 will be the answer to the question “what date did social distancing start in the UK?” on Mastermind, University Challenge and Pointless in years to come don’t you? However strange the day was on Monday the sun shone and brought with it hope that the rainy season could be lessening. With social distancing or house arrest as some are calling it there will be all manner of house and garden projects being undertaken, who knows maybe the ironing pile will reduce and the sock basket will be sorted once and for all (for now).

It’s important to stay upbeat and see some positives in this bonkers time. Many local shops are offering free delivery, people are happy to help and step in where needs be, the internet at times the curse of our modern day society is keeping people in touch. My small business friends with shops are struggling but with the internet comes online shopping and whilst it’s not the same as going out to shop an online order is a happy time for small businesses. We know only too well that if we don’t support the shops and businesses they wont stay.

There’s humour too. Taking the advice of the Press Conference very seriously I surely can’t go to the dentist as that’s unnecessary travel. Cancelled. No need to find an excuse. Hurrah.

Talking of excuses now is the time for some self care, taking time out to just breathe and enjoy my space. 18 months ago I would have laughed if anyone said that to me but now I see the real merit in it. When was the last time you sat down and read a book? I love reading but I have not made much time for it, I have only read 3 books this year and my to be read pile is in danger of toppling over, however over the weekend I actually looked in depth at a recipe book and not just at the pictures.

When was the last time you said no without giving a long convoluted excuse? Stop it right now, if you don’t want to do something then say no, don’t justify your response. Being an early riser (I am no means a morning person, my body clock seems to think 530am is a great time for sleep expiry) I get up when the household is quiet and I just sit downstairs sipping my ginger tea and I listen, zoning out until all I can hear is the dogs breathing and snoring. As much as I love the glitz and glamour I have come to realise that I also do love the simple things in life.


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