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Nellie Knows : 21 December 2017

I don’t wish to state the obvious but oh my days the cold has arrived! On Sunday morning our youngest dashed into our room and screeched excitedly “it’’s snowing” before rushing downstairs to put on her boots before larking around in the snow with the dog who was no doubt bemused that his garden was covered in snow. She shivered, he rolled in the snow and they both came in looking for food. As the snow turned to sleet and then rain we reminded the children that whilst this is snow it’s not snow like it was in our day! No way, in our day we had snow that was thick, heavy and lingered!

One of my grandmothers lived in rural Warwickshire in a house that had oil pipes around the skirting boards and we would often stand on them to get warm, whilst in Hurst we had no central heating and would fight to sit next to the fire whilst trying to avoid going to the kitchen to get a cup of tea. All these memories were things of the past until our ancient boiler stopped working and the house normally so cosy was plunged into an icehouse and we huddled round a friend’s AGA after relieving them of their hot water. With the best will in the world we think we are prepared for the cold snap but when it actually happens it would seem we’re not!

Talking of being prepared I think I am almost there with regards to Christmas! I picked up the tree and a little wreath from Fletchers, a door wreath from Daizey’s Den and have been burning my Sandalwood candle from Absolutely Mintage so the house is looking and smelling festive thanks to some great local businesses! Over the years I have bought a decoration for each of my girls and this year they have a personalised one from Love Happy Apple a fab find on Facebook. I ventured over to West Berkshire last week to The Corner Shop in Woolhampton and L Interiors in Bucklebury and picked up a few bits, the Pom Pom crackers are my favourite as well as the Space Mask which I kid you not is the most fantastic aid to a good night’s sleep!

I have no problems thinking of gifts to give to people and am regularly asked for recommendations (see my website for some ideas) but for myself when asked I am always unsure, so this year I have asked for repairs and useful things! My rings have been cleaned and resized, my old watch strap, battery and glass replaced and what better place to get it done than my favourite jewellers (and Berkshire’s favourite as voted Best Jeweller in Berkshire by Muddy Berkshire readers) - Rococo in Bush Walk! I’ve also got my favourite boots that need reheeling and resoling so I’ll be off to Country Dry Cleaners in Denmark Street and my prescription has changed so it’s time for a new pair of glasses from Leightons in Peach Street. Whilst these might be dull to some they’re ideal for me.

So next week the schools break up, the school uniform gets washed and put away in readiness for a new term and we slide into a state of eat, sleep, drink, repeat. I’m really looking forward to a fortnight with my family and loved ones, with no early morning routine and no clock watching, though of course I will be looking at my watch with its new glass, battery and strap.

As I say each week it really is the simple things.


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