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Nellie Knows : 21 January 2021

Back in the day

There’s things I miss about life before lockdown yet there’s other things I’m not hankering after. I don’t miss traffic or constant clock watching. It’s the simple things I miss the most though, those things we unknowingly took for granted that now seem so abhorrent like friends popping in on spec, nipping quickly into town, chats in the supermarket, impromptu get togethers and bizarrely meetings. I won’t miss Zooms but I will have to be properly dressed at all times. I long to do all of that and more as I’m missing people.

When the time comes

The other day we had a roast and we said this is like Christmas all over again, same people and places. However lockdown has given us the time to sit down as a family and talk nonsense. When the time comes and we start socialising more it’ll be like Christmas and birthdays rolled into one.

No need to elaborate

I’m often asked why I love Wales and am so passionate about what I do. I used to justify myself and give lots of reasons, which undoubtedly were met with another why? Now I don’t justify myself or explain. I just am and do.

Just say no

Another example that shouldn’t need an explanation is no. The amount of times I’ve said “no because” or “no but” when all I needed to say was a firm “no”. I remember a girlfriend went on a date and the poor guy emailed her to ask her out again and she replied “no thank you, I don’t think I want to”. We thought she was harsh, in actual fact she was honest.

So, no means no and you don’t need to justify yourself and give excuses because that creates a lever. Think about it .... “No I can’t that day” to be met with “oh what about another day?” Or “No I can’t I’m busy” and then you’re asked “what about when you’re less busy?”. No, means no. You’re being asked to do something you don’t want to do or haven’t got time to do and you’re being pressured to justify yourself. If you don’t want to do something or you’re too busy to do it say it. Say no. No no no. Just say no Zammo.

When the time comes I’m in real danger of turning into my Granny with her “when I was in India” with my “when the time comes”. So when the time comes and we’re able to travel and visit there will be no surprises as to where I’ll be heading. Wales of course. Always Wales! Why Wales? The photos will come out, your eyes will glaze over and that’s how I know I’m turning into Granny.


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