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Nellie Knows : 21st September 2017

I'm in autumn mode now. Socks on the radiator, boots by the door, pockets full of poo bags and conkers, misty mornings and hearty meals in the evening. I love it. So many pointers to autumn with the autumn drama trailers on the telly, leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, shorter days and salad beating a hasty retreat to its seasonal hibernation. Yes it's autumnal. I was recently walking the dog in the woods and saw one of the regular dog walkers with a dog I'd not seen her walk before. Transpires this dog had wandered away from its dog walker and joined in with another walk. If the dog had a tag then we would have phoned the number on the tag, but no there was no dog tag. Please ensure your dog has a tag so that if this happens whoever finds your dog can contact you. Owning a dog (or being owned by a dog) is a huge responsibility and most owners are sensible but there's a few who fail to pick up poo and then there's those who pick up poo but leave a fragrant bag hanging on a tree. Why do this? It's not going to magically make its way to the bin and it gives dog owners a bad name. Granted the person responsible might be doing a loop and will be back to pick it up but that's not always the case. I heard Richard Benyon MP for Newbury talking to Andrew Peach on BBC Radio Berkshire earlier this week about litter. What's with people who park up, eat a feast and then can't be bothered to get out of the car and put it in the bin? It's lazy and selfish. Oh dear I really am going off on one this week so will add in my annoyance at the stupid motorist who turned right on Tuesday at 330pm (that really busy time when schools are out and everyone is wanting to get home safely) into Station Approach blocking the traffic and making it dangerous for pedestrians. I then saw a car hurtle over the level crossing when the lights were flashing amber which could have resulted in a serious or fatal accident.

I've written about it being better to arrive safely than not at all. There was a group of children by the crossing who said "she shouldn't be doing that", they knew it was wrong and they're not even old enough to drive. Out of the mouths of babes.


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