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Nellie Knows : 22 February 2018

Having reduced the number of groups and forums I used to be involved in on Facebook hasn’t actually given me any more time but it certainly has given me more personal time, if that makes sense. Instead of responding to things via the keyboard I have been picking up the phone, making actual 'write in diary there and then plans’ and actually writing letters which is something I really enjoy. Just recently an old school friend got in touch after too many years and suggested that we had a get together and a number of us jumped at the chance to get as many of the 44 girls in our year together in one place as adults, well when I say adults we will always be teenagers in our minds but you get the picture.

I wouldn’t want to be a teenager these days, really I wouldn’t. Our contact with the outside world at school was determined by how many 5ps and 10ps we had for the phone box, we would wait patiently for the post to arrive and any spats or fall outs would soon be forgotten as there wasn’t such a thing as screen shots and spreading the unfortunate debacle. With so much technology at our fingertips it’s sometimes good to take a step back and think "do I really need to write that?" and "will it be upsetting for anyone?" Besides the written word can be misread and interpreted in so many different ways.

For example, I went off to Claire Dyer’s book launch in London last week and texted Big Welsh to tell him what was in the fridge for supper. He texted back thanks. Oh! “Is that a sarcastic thanks?” I asked him to which he replied “no busy day, the traffic had been hideous, couldn’t begin to think about supper, so it’s a grateful thanks”. See what I mean!

My mum texted me when she was in New Zealand after the earthquake to say “about the earthquake, don’t worry about us, we are affected”. Instant panic (but do bear in mind she’s not up on technology) however when I did eventually speak to her she assured us that she meant they weren’t affected.

Have to say it was a real treat going to Claire's book launch. Like my older two girls, Claire went to The Holt and the serendipity of meeting her is not lost on me! The Last Day published by The Dome Press is a real treat to read and I was very fortunate to be included in the Blog Tour which you can read over at

I am also delighted that there will be a signed book circulating around the area for people to read and pass on, if you’re quick and want to be the first to read it then head to Crema Cafe in Binfield where I have left one copy for #BooksOnBenches, who knows where it will end up!

What a shame that there is no dedicated bookshop in Wokingham borough. We’ve all got our wish list for the town itself but I would dearly love to see a thriving book shop, which will bring keen and new readers to the town, a place where book clubs can meet and engage with local authors, books can be ordered and a cheery phone call tells you “the books you’ve ordered have come in”. I lose myself in the bookshops, though obviously pick up an OS map as I manage to find my way home again!

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