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Nellie Knows : 23 November 2017

This article also appears in my weekly column in The Wokingham Paper

I can always tell when the weather is on the turn as I get my seasonal chest infection that renders me useless.

Thankfully I listened to my body, for once and started dosing myself up with hot steaming mugs of black tea with lemon, ginger and honey before admitting defeat. I was fortunate enough to review Relaxed Soles reflexology which was incredibly relaxing and I also had a Traditional Thai Massage at Baan Siam in Twyford. I’ve written about them on my blog so do pop across to to read the full review.

Last month I was desperate to be well quickly as I was interviewing Martina Cole on her 25th Anniversary Book Tour. Hurrah, the rest and relaxation paid off as I took to the stage having announced I was nervous to Martina who asked why? Oh that’ll be the fact that she had written 25 books some of which had been turned into TV series, she had created the telly series Lady Killers and to be honest despite the bravado and “I’m ok at interviewing authors” I still get the wobbles momentarily as I walk onto the stage with a microphone. But it was only momentarily, all went well and we had a really enjoyable chat.

The Christmas Fairs have started. I’ve been to Spirit of Christmas, the Cotswold Fair at Daylesford Organics and Stylist Live, again at Olympia. Other enjoyable ones are:-

There’s also loads of local events at our local schools and day nurseries, as well as garden centres and farm shops though I must reign myself in and not go to everyone! If you’re looking for events generally a great place to find information is the website Stallfinder which lists both events and standholders, it’s a really useful website and well worth bookmarking.

One event I am looking forward to going to is the evening at Citroemech on Friday 24th November. As a thank you Ray and the team are putting on an evening at the workshop between 7pm and 10pm, full details are on their Facebook page, the event is capped to 50 people for Health & Safety so book your free tickets now. It’s their way of saying thank you to their customers and those who have referred them during the year. There will be free Colucci's Prosecco and NomNom chocolate as well as soft drinks and nibbles, plus a close up magician and a chance to win a box of Prosecco. They have been brilliant over the years with my cars and I think it’s really nice of them to show their appreciation to their customers. Plus, it will be nice to nip in without taking my car who needs some TLC!

As I’m writing this I have not yet heard any Christmas songs in the shops yet (it’s a a different story at home!) but it wont be long! I have to say and I know I am biased but 1984 really was the best year for Christmas tunes and I can remember learning the words of “Do They Know it Christmas” with my school friends and then each one of us taking on a part and shouting out the name of the singer as if to pre-empt who it would be (I can imagine you’re nodding in agreement!). Simple things, which make me feel grateful that social media wasn’t such a thing back then!


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