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Nellie Knows : 27 September 2018

Do not adjust your set this is the fourth Thursday of the month and I write for the 1st and 3rd, but sometimes best laid plans don’t run smoothly! There is much talk about when Autumn starts, is it the beginning of September? 21st September? October? Or do you decide when you want it to start? Currently it seems like autumn is undecided and isn’t quite ready to make a definite or long sustained appearance. Not that I mind one bit as I love the fact that mornings are still bright, evenings glide in gradually, washing still goes on the line and it’s dry underfoot. I have started making more soups and stews full of hearty goodness and no hidden nasties. Having embarked on a sugar free regime I have not missed sugar at all, granted I miss cheese, bread, cappuccinos, marmite, malt loaf but that moment soon passes. So often one is told you can’t do that, you’ll never stick to it, I couldn’t do that the negative voices seem like they’re the loudest, but if you want to make a change and do something for you then ignore the toxic negatives and crack on. I have changed my diet and in under a month I have noticed the differences. I’m sleeping better, my skin has cleared up, my eyes are brighter, more energy, less aches and pains. And I don’t know how I’m doing it but I believe I can so I will! I’ve just finished reading What Was Lost by Jean Levy which is about a children’s author who wakes up in hospital with no memory. She has to learn to do her life again which is fascinating, all those things we take for granted. Well worth a read! Towards the end of the month Henley Literary Festival begins and it’s going to be brilliant as ever. I’m in chats with Elizabeth the founder of DrugFam on Friday 5 October at 830pm, do come along! Tickets available via the Henley Literary Festival website. Another event I am looking forward to is L’Orchestre du Monde at Cadogan Hall on Thursday 25 October. L’Orchestre du Monde is a unique ensemble which brings together leading world-class virtuoso musicians, who are soloists, members of renowned string quartets and chamber ensembles, and principals from the world’s greatest orchestras. I am really looking forward to hearing a full orchestra perform Mozart Symphony No. 40 and Dvořák Symphony No. 9 (From the New World) conducted by the amazing Janusz Piotrowicz. Tickets are available from Have to say the town is really beginning to look something now that the roadworks have gone and the roads are open again. How great to see the market back in its natural home and people milling around. The new shops planned for town are still a closely guarded secret but here’s hoping we have shops that will draw people in and that can’t be found in the larger neighbouring “mall” towns. Mint Velvet, Space NK, The White Company, Susie Watson Designs, Sweaty Betty if you’re reading this please come and make Wokingham your new home! If you’re on Instagram or watched This Morning recently you’ll know all about Mrs Hinch who is cleaning obsessed. Oh my days she is totally committed to a spotlessly tidy and clean house! Her hints and tips have seen some products selling out in store which I think is pretty amazing bearing in mind until recently the must have “bathroom shelf” items cured wrinkles, cellulite, acne you name it, now the must have “under the kitchen sink” or #hinchnarnia #hincharmy are cleaning products and cloths. It’s certainly inspired lots of people to embrace cleaning - now if anyone can make laundry fun I’d like to know about it! On the telly box I have been watching Bodyguard (bit of a mehhhh ending), Killing Eve (crikey that was fast moving and gruesome, but hugely enjoyable), I started watching Homeland but stopped at series 3, and that’s it really. I’m currently reading Ask Me His Name by Elle Wright, also known as Feathering the Empty Nest on Inst and she’s just found out she’s pregnant. After that I have got to get into Literary Festival chair mode as I make my debut at Henley and then pick up where I left off at Crickhowell. See you soon.


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