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Nellie Knows : 5 March 2020

With St David’s Day, my step sisters’ birthdays, my birthday, Mothering Sunday, British Summer Time beginning and the days getting longer there is a lot to love about March. The garden is full of buds, shoots and spring blossom which brightens up the day and hints at the changing season. Of all the months I feel that March is one of hope and happiness.

Wales Week Berkshire has really taken off with events across the county celebrating Wales and St David’s Day. Wales Week Worldwide has been going for 3 years with 22 locations involved. Berkshire joined in late January this year and being a late arrival didn’t stop us from playing a huge part with cafes, shops, pubs and restaurants getting involved. At the weekend we had a Welsh Emporium Pop Up Shop at John Lewis in Reading with 7 small Welsh businesses showing their wares, we had a visit from Welsh Crime writers on Wednesday and Welsh menus were being served all over the county. The majority of people stopping by were either Welsh or had some connection to Wales be it by family, Duke of Edinburgh trips to the Brecon Beacons, school visits to Tirabad, a love of Wales or knowing someone Welsh. Wales Week is an annual event, the 2021 dates are 21 February to 7 March and already we are planning next year.  Thank you to everyone who joined in this year.

Over the last 6 weeks we have connected the Welsh diaspora in the county through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels and to keep them all in one place we have also started a Facebook group so if you are Welsh in Berkshire please look out for Welsh in Berkshire and join. You may even recognise some famous and familiar faces. Many Welsh speakers have come forward wishing to speak or brush up on their Welsh, with lots of people keen to learn Welsh. Welsh in Berkshire is a place for all of this and we look forward to building the community.

Community is an important part of life and the phrase ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is so true. I bumped into a frazzled friend with young children and she asked “does it get easier the older they get?”.  It doesn’t get easier it gets different but your community of knowledgeable, experienced and helpful friends will be with you every step of the way”.  I look back at when my lot were little to the time when I thought I would never get past the sleepless nights and crying for no explanation and remember only too well the feelings of isolation, depression, angst and tiredness. That time has passed and if I can just get the puppy to sleep and stop whining I’ll feel a whole load more human. This too will pass I know and whilst it might wreck me, I am here, fit and well and ready to celebrate March birthdays - with lots of candles, grey hairs and laughter lines - and I will appreciate getting this far when for so many growing old is a privilege denied.  


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