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Nellie Knows : 8 April 2016

This first appeared in The Wokingham Paper on 8 April 2016

It's been a strange week as I've been at home with one child whilst Big Welsh has been skiing with the other 2. Well I say skiing as poor Mook has done her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) so has been hobbling whilst Big W and Laree skied, nonetheless they've had a good time and we have too, mostly in the West Country. The joy of not setting alarm clocks was short lived as it would seem my body clock wake up is at least an hour earlier than the alarm, but at the weekend I needed to be up and out in good time so I welcomed the inevitable and got going. Loops & I pootled off to see mum (for those who remember her she's very well, has given up politics and taken up art) for breakfast before heading off to Bath for lunch. I'm very fond of Bath, my grandparents lived there so we spent many happy times with them as children before finding our own feet.

If you're heading that way then pop to Found by Pulteney Bridge which is a bright and refreshing shop, nip into The Makery, say hello to Bertie & Jack, browse Rossiters and approach the hottest chilli at the chilli stall with caution! Of course Bath being a World Heritage site is bustling with the every day, school trips and tourists but oh so worth a visit. If you want any hints and tips do let me know (

After enjoying the hustle and throb of the city we then headed to Pythouse near Tisbury to meet up with my friend Harriet of Hunter Gatherer for afternoon tea, we left it too late to pop in to see Clem and her fantastic shop Clementine's Shop but the popular Compton Marbling Fair is on in a few weeks so we'll see her and a whole array of brilliant exhibitors then. Then it was back to mum's to be reunited with the dog for supper and a night in a strange bed.

On Sunday we left Wiltshire and headed to Somerset for lunch with Georgie who runs Common Farm Flowers which is one of my happy places. Georgie grows seasonal flowers which are then sent out all over the UK to arrive the next day as fresh as on the day they were cut. I'm very vocal about British Flowers and the whole grown not flown ethos, yes they may be more expensive but they'll arrive fresher, will last longer and they're by far the best quality I've seen. Georgie also runs a host of courses, has written 2 books The Flower Farmer's Year and Grow your own wedding flowers, can often be heard giving talks and she also makes the best risotto according to my lot.

After lunch we headed to Dorset to see Fiona at Bere Marsh Farm and chuckled at the antics of the kids. I do like goats, their eyes are a bit strange but I find them very amusing and I am rather partial to goats cheese.

I've yet to try kid meat but I am partial to slow cooked mutton which I must pick up from Jennings in Hurst and prepare Sunday lunch for my weary travellers before we start a new term. Oh school run I've not missed you!

Netherton Foundry Slow Cooker

Have a great week, I'm going to be Spring cleaning and heading to the loft.


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