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Nellie Knows : 8 February 2018


When I was younger I always thought that grown ups who asked “where does the time go?” were slightly strange as clearly they themselves are in charge of their time and if they don’t know then how on earth would I?

However now I am older and wiser I seem to lose hours, days AND weeks in the course of just one morning so I can see the logic. Where does the time go? I bumped into a friend recently and whilst we were discussing our collection of children who are now a variety of teenagers she said “where does the time go?”, then in a conversation with another friend she said that she has no free weekends until Easter and then she said “where does the time go”. Ha, I have been giving this some thought and I have come up with this conclusion …… no one actually knows where the time goes and by questioning people they’re not asking if they have seen time going they’re just pointing out that they’re as clueless as the next person or perhaps it’s an icebreaker!


It’s half term tomorrow and it seems impossible to be halfway through the second term of the school year, and I say again where does the time go? I obviously wont pretend to know where it goes, but it has a knack of being gentle and slow between 6am and 730am then it wakes up and goes from 0-90mph before 745am and then it sort of tapers off whilst everyone dashes around like headless chickens, then we get in the car and admire the roadworks, developments and marvel at how intuitive we must be when knowing precisely when a car is turning left or right or, and this is bonus part of the journey, a complete round of the roundabout.

It’s the routine we all love to hate!

This half term we are going to be watching a poorly dog recuperate from an operation so he will sleepy and dozy whilst we also catch up on chores, homeworks, sleep and life.


Lack of sleep is an absolute game changer and I know that I operate differently when I have had sleep. On the nights I think I will get an early night I do all the things that have been recommended over the years like a mug of warm milk, a warm bath which I tend to fill with Olverum or any of the products from This Works, then I spray my pillow with This Works, snuffle down with a good book and after a few chapters I throw on my Spacemasks. Oh my days ... if you’re not familiar with these then you need to check them out! Each box contains 5 Spacemasks, so you can have a week’s worth of bliss! Slip them over your eyes and within minutes of putting on your Spacemask you will feel it warm up and start to soften the angst of your tired eyes and face. The gentle jasmine smell will help to drift you away. Harriet of Spacemasks says on her website “Somewhere between Jupiter and Andromeda.” Your eyes and your head will thank you for the time to recover and reenergise.


I do enjoy Spring Cleaning and have had a really good sort out of wardrobes, cupboards and shelves. A friend is collecting teddies for The Teddy Trust so I have a bag of teddies which will make their way to children who will love them as much as we all have done.

Windows: I was looking out of the kitchen window the other day which prompted me to phone Malden Windows who came and cleaned my windows and now I think everything looks brighter and bigger.

Unplanned Expensive Car Wash: I thought I would save some time and take my car through the £3 wash only for my aerial to snap off and the replacement costing more than the price of the car wash so that wasn’t my finest hour! However a parcel from Hunter Gatherer Gifts containing RoadScents (as loved by Trinny Woodall) lifted my spirits and now my car smells divine.

RoadScents: The hanging scents come in 2 smells 1. Godsmell : Inspired by the Hindu God Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles and the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and 2. Rose-Rage : Fragranced with the calming scents of rose and jasmine. Ideal for the car or for hanging in a wardrobe.


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