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Nellie Knows : 8 June 2015

There was no column last week as it was half term and I was in New Quay (West Wales, not Cornwall that's Newquay) for half term with no signal for much of the time and it was bliss. Granted the weather wasn't wall to wall sunshine but it was fair to middling. We went to the beach most days, ate fish and chips on the harbour way, played cricket (or some game loosely based on cricket) at Llangrannog with Wokingham friends (I'm never far from someone from Wokingham or Wales), wandered around the remains of Aberystwyth Castle, clambered up and down Devil's Bridge (maybe getting excited about Hinterland), explored Llandeilo's fabulous shops before heading into the valleys where we went to Joseph Parry's cottage and Cyfartha, then going over the top to Brecon and Crickhowell. All too soon we joined the M4 and headed for home. Still it's nice to be home. Of course it's nice to be home in this gorgeous summer weather! The garden has had a growth spurt and the first thing we did when we got home was mow and edge, followed by some dead hedging and weeding. Being a gardener I don't mind the rain but I really would like some proper sunshine. I've resorted to using the tumble dryer to get the holiday washing done. And yes, there's ironing which is much nicer when done outside! Twenty one years ago yesterday I got married and it was both the hottest and wettest day of the year. As I wrote this column I watched the rain pour down and then as if by magic the sun came out and dried up all the rain. Only for it to pour down again. I've got so many weather apps on my phone but I still love hearing the Old Wives Tales and yarns of lore. My granny was very up with Tales, yarns and lore and when I reminisce my children's eyes roll, one day they'll thank me!


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