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Nellie Knows : Wokingham.Today : 19 November 2020

Good to be back on the page after a hideous chest infection, bronchitis and pleurisy which floored me for over a month. It also coincided with self isolation whilst waiting for a Covid result so my experience of self isolation was a blur.

Thankfully the results came back negative, yes that’s results as I had to have a re-test as my results for the first test might have got lost, their words.

Feeling sorry for myself and waking myself up coughing has enabled me to watch plenty of telly so I’ve caught up on Wallander, The Sister, Vera, Life, Us, The Queen’s Gambit, The Undoing, The Crown, Un Bore Mercher and I will be glued to I’m a Celeb in Wales

Whilst recuperating I’ve been researching Christmas. The criteria for gifts this year is easy to post and useful or maybe frivolous, I can’t decide which but definitely ones that can be popped in the post. Instagram has been a source of inspiration as has Wokingham Virtual Christmas Market.

I say this every year but I will not panic about the last post and everything for the UK will be posted by 15th December and elsewhere 1st December. See for the full list of dates.

Of course Christmas isn’t cancelled. Maybe grand plans are but the date itself won’t change. I’ve been chatting about it on the radio saying it’s about changing your expectations. We won’t be doing our normal gatherings but we will look forward to doing them when we can, ideally in the warmer months which quite honestly suits me better! We will be outside, the decorations will be floral, the lights will be solar panelled and there won’t be turkey for ages.

I certainly won’t be needing my planner for this Christmas.


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