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Nellie Knows : 3 December 2020

I put my hand up last week and said this (2nd) lockdown had got to me.

The first one had bright mornings, early starts, sunny days, balmy evenings. This one has been miserable in comparison with ghastly weather and pleurisy. Not to mention people’s jobs and livelihoods at risk. Then there was Wales’ firebreaker, England’s lockdown, the tier system and Wales’ new rules. Selfishly I’m missing people, cwtching, gatherings. This year a number of people have gone through such horrid torrid times and I’ve not been able to comfort them. That said, I appreciate why we’re doing all we have been asked to do. This lockdown has actually spurred me on with sorting the loft, it was a wrench to get rid of some things but they were sitting up there doing nothing and someone else will look after them and a reminder that charity really does begin at home.

In my sorting out I have been looking at the family trees and whilst I always knew I was a direct descendant of Alexander Gordon of Gordon’s Gin fame and my many times great uncle was Osborne Gordon the rector of Easthampstead church fame I never knew that he commissioned William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones to design the stain glass windows. As a result I have gone down a rabbit hole and ended up in a pre-Raphaelite world.

Next week sees the virtual launch of Wales Week / Worldwide and whilst I don’t quite know what we will be able to do in terms of events next year to celebrate Wales in Berkshire there’s lots of activity behind the scenes. To join the launch see HERE.

PS. It was announced on Wednesday morning that the Covid vaccine had been approved, hurrah.


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