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Notes from the Bored Room : 31 March 2020

Do you know what I am loving right now? The remote love, support, guidance and motivation not forgetting the endless videos, tags, nonsense and downright silly behaviour. We are all doing what we can when we can, if we can.

Words and phrases I won’t miss - we are living in unprecedented times, when this is all over, lock down, social distancing, what can I eat, what time is it, what day is it.

What I am looking forward to - the M4, just nipping out, people popping by, hugs, routine.

Things I’ve noticed - fewer planes, less traffic, dogs barking, the front hedge is a dog weeing spot, how dirty the windows are.

What’s the most sought after ingredient - yeast.

Strange things I’ve bought for other people - corned beef.

Best time to shop - depends on supermarkets. Lidl is well stocked and not busy, Tesco is like a cattle market, Waitrose I’ve never seen so many strange faces.

People - some won’t look at you, others are using every ounce of discipline not to jump up and down and hug.

Sleep - not so much something that happens at the end of the day now something done at all times.

Telly - Big W watches the news and finds a comedy programme about vampires hilarious yet doesn’t find Friday Night Dinner remotely funny. Judge Rinder has the most fabulous facial expressions. Piers Morgan is tetchy. Penance was disappointing, Liar is confusing, The Trouble with Maggie Cole is actually enjoyable, The Nest is tense, Trigonometry is either going to be wow or wtf.

Time - maybe May, June, six months.

Effort - half hearted.

Achievement - not falling asleep watching telly.

Top tip - avoid anything that annoys you.


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