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One incredible woman

A year ago today I was at Westminster Abbey for a service of celebration and hope, organised by a very normal but one incredible woman in this whole wide world who has been inspiring me for years and continues to do so.

As a mother she lost her twin sons to addiction, both coming back before one sadly took his life.

She wrote “Mum, can you lend me twenty quid” which was adapted as a play and was as every bit as gritty as the book. Actually more so. To see Elizabeth’s life played out on stage was hard hitting and impactive.

DrugFam the charity was started and last year was awarded the Queen’s Award, the highest honour a charity can receive.

The service at Westminster Abbey was uplifting, emotional, inspiring and inclusive.

Some months later an envelope arrived from 10 Downing Street and I gladly accepted the PM’s invitation to a reception to celebrate the charity’s achievement.

A few days later Mrs B-P became Mrs B-P MBE, which could justifiably be Most Brilliant Elizabeth.

Earlier this year Elizabeth asked me if I would be an Ambassador. Of course I cried and accepted.

I love this brave, courageous and inspiring lady with a heart of gold, a superb sense of humour and a very cheeky smile.

To be asked to be an Ambassador means so much to me and it’s all thanks to Elizabeth Burton-Phillips.


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