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ORA - very useful around the house

In the past: I never used to be overly fond of kitchen roll as it always trailed around the house and when it ran out no-one saw fit to replace it. Granted it's a useful thing but it was one of those things that you either have a lot of, not enough of, or none which was the way in our house. My family are the human equivalent to the golden puppy and tend to ferret or squirrel things away from their original (and most useful) place which is not remotely helpful.

Now: Well that's all changed thanks to ORA. I had never seen it before and was curious about the product when they followed me on Instagram, so my interest was piqued and we chatted, then they very kindly sent me one to try. If you've not seen ORA before it's a round sheet, stacked up, no tearing needed, easy to grab, less waste each stack is the equivalent to two rolls and NO trailing bits of kitchen roll.

I obviously had to rearrange the kitchen for it to be somewhere useful and prominent and with that all done I left it to the family to do their worst.

At first they viewed it with suspicion and then they actually used it sparingly, there was none of this take off 4 pieces for something that only needed one piece and hurrah it lasted much longer as there was less waste. Not only that but there were masses of uses:-

Laree had to take some bits to school and it was used to protect the bowls.

Whilst doodling one day I picked up a pair of scissors and made a paper doily.

At the bottom of the bin to absorb any spills.

On the kitchen scales.

On a plate for a cress and mustard border.

Folded up with the cutlery in the lunch box, so the fork didn't prod anything.

Obviously mopping up bits and pieces - plenty of uses!

But - for me the best thing was it was put on the table and did not look like kitchen roll! I know. I know I am easily pleased and maybe should get out more - but for me that was the best thing.


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