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Our first visit to Anglesey

As you come across the bridge you are welcomed to Anglesey - "Môn Mam Cymru" - to the Mother of Wales, with safe, clean blue flagged beaches, wonderful scenery, good sports facilities and good food, much of it made with local produce.

(Anglesey Farm Accommodation website)

We dashed off to Wales in the May half term staying, starting off in the very familiar surroundings of South Wales before heading to Anglesey / Yns Môn on a journey that takes 4 hours from Brecon yet 4.5 from Wokingham. It's not often that we all go away together in the UK so when I was invited to stay with a school friend on Anglesey I jumped at the chance and then Big Welsh said he would come too, so off we went and we've come back home determined to go again!

It's not often we're all away at the same time, so this break was special.

Anglesey is exceedingly stunning, I had never been before and neither had Big Welsh who hails from the Valleys. The language and accent is very different and the pronunciation of some words made us chuckle, so much so that we now refer to "Waitrose" as "Waitross", a constant reminder our Anglesey break! The scenery is stunning, the island is steeped in history and the islanders are incredibly proud of where they live.

I tend to refer to friends with affectionate nicknames so our friends and hosts are fondly named Sarah from school and Anglesey John! Sarah from school and Anglesey John live at Mynydd Mwyn Mawr, which is set in 220 acres in the heartland of Anglesey and they offer both B&B in the farmhouse and camping on the campsite. They are part of Anglesey Farm Accommodation which is made up of seventeen farming families who have grouped together to provide accommodation on their farms, each family has plenty of experience providing visitors with the very best service, and together the choice offered by this committed group is unbeatable.

On the first evening we had supper of fresh, seasonal and very tasty asparagus, followed by delicious and succulent local lamb with Sarah from school and Anglesey John and then went to our comfy beds, Big Welsh and I were in the double room with an ensuite shower, whilst the girls were in the family room which had a double bed, bunk bed and ensuite. When we turned the lights out it was dark, no sounds of cars, no sounds of foxes, no sounds full stop. Just snoring!

The next morning we got up and grabbed a quick breakfast before Anglesey John gave us an islander's tour. We went everywhere with our knowledgeable guide - down tiny little lanes, across bridges, onto the beach, under the Menai Bridge, to graveyards, castles, past fields and fields and fields, to the town with the longest name that Big Welsh and Anglesey John could pronouce with ease but we had difficulty, now some months later I can say it but it takes me forever! Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch, it comes as no surprise that I have had to double check the spelling! We saw Beaumaris Castle, windmills, an abandoned water mill, lots of RNLI lifeboats, fishermen and stunning views.

One evening we went for supper at The Boathouse which is a charming little restaurant and cafe that overlooks Red Wharf, next door to The Ship where we had drinks another night. The girls had fish and chips which was humungous, Sarah and I had fish pie which was very tasty with succulent fleshy fish and a creamy sauce, Big Welsh and Anglesey John had fish and to finish the girls had a monster chocolate pudding.

After another good night's sleep Big Welsh headed off on his bike whilst we ventured out to the Sea Zoo and Halen Mon shop. The Sea Zoo was quite sweet but there was not enough to keep my lot interested, however the ticket could be used for up to a week which might prove useful to visitors. We didn't have a tour of Halen Mon but we did enjoy the shop which stocks lots of Welsh yummies.

Out and about on the bike Big Welsh enjoyed the rolling hills, traffic was fairly quiet and the other road users were respectful. He said it was relatively windy but nonetheless enjoyable. Of course being a road cyclist he went well equipped for any punctures and apart from some bumpy parts of the road in places he had nothing negative to report. The views were stunning and cycling around the coast provided ample opportunity to take some photos.

In the afternoon we headed to RAF Valley and were very lucky to see the Red Arrows display, all I can say is WOW! What an amazing display and it will come as no surprise that I was quite hayfevery! After that excitement we had a stroll on the beach and then went across to Beaumaris which has a variety of interesting shops. We stopped for an ice cream and headed to the pier, where we ate our cones in a sharp breeze - like British holidaymakers do so well! We then headed to The Ship for a cheeky glass of wine and then headed back to Mynydd Mwyn Mawr for have one last evening of chat and food before another night of deep sleep.

On our last day the weather was miserable and packing the car seemed to take longer, but all packed up we said our fond farewells and headed back to South Wales.

We will go back to Anglesey again as there was so much to see and do, very very big thanks to Sarah from school and Anglesey John for their kind hospitality and for giving up their time to make our first trip to Anglesey such a pleasurable one.

Anglesey has a rich and interesting history, and through the seasons there are many attractionsand events to capture your imagination.

(Anglesey Farm Accommodation website)


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