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Recipe : Fish Pie

Everyone has their favourite Fish Pie recipe and this is my version. Now I've mastered spinach (Long story! 'O' level disaster) it goes in everything.

By now you will be used to me not giving weights and measures, it's my rebellious streak (sorry Kim my cookery teacher who did teach me well but despaired of me)! I just tend to make up a batch and any left over goes in the freezer, is wolfed down the next day or gets taken away by Perfect Fiona (so called because me and my favourite friend from CF14 call her Perfect Fiona).

I like the fish to be in large chunks so when you have a mouthful it's a hearty bite instead of a smooth texture. Both of my Grannys used to make fish pie and as they more or less introduced me to cooking it was fish pie and Granny P-G's chicken in a white sauce using Great Alne flour at the top of the list. I tend to cook with leeks more than onions but that's just me! Ingredients:

Fish mix : salmon, coddock (cod and haddock), prawns, mussels, squid, scallops

Other stuff: Hardish boiled eggs, Leeks, Mushrooms & Garlic fried in a bit of butter, Spinach steamed and well drained, Sweetcorn warm it through.

All in one white sauce: Flour, Milk, Butter, Cheese (Cheddar and Parmesan)

Mash: Potatoes, milk, butter (always makes me think of Stella)

Poach the fish mix in milk until cooked, drain the fish and keep the milk for the white sauce.

I use the all in one white sauce method (milk, butter and flour) and keep stirring until it's smooth then I add in the cheese towards the end and pour over the fish mix and other stuff, then add the mash on top and heat up in oven.

Serve with a big bowl of fresh greens. Proper comfort food.


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