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Scuffed shoes and muddy knees

Today was the first day of term, a biggie in the world of new terms in our house as the smallest and loudest has left behind the familiarity of junior school and walked to senior school. As I watched photos being published on FB of shiny faces and front doors I felt that familiar knot in my stomach and the itch of hay fever. I brushed it aside and busied myself before herding my lot into the car.

One of my lot was off to work, one was bleary eyed but wouldn't miss Laree heading off on day 1 and then there was Laree. Everything about her looked new and shiny, her smile hiding any first day nerves. Then she was gone ......

No more school run, no more muddy knees and I've been to the medical room stickers, no more of the familiarity of the junior school regime we have grown to know and love. In its place is a new adventure of new faces, old faces in new uniform, responsibility and independence. During the day she will be a new girl, but the minute she comes home she will be my little dut, the girl with the scuffed shoes and the muddy knees. My smallest and loudest is growing up but she will always have my heart and whatever angst gets in her way she will always be in my heart, and I will be in hers. Even when the waters are muddy.

Like with all my lot there will be challenges and changes, but one thing remains and that's unconditional love. 


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