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Starting the day

Woke up at 545am, looked at the clock and jumped straight out of bed, wandered downstairs, made a cup of coffee and opened the back door.

What’s so blogworthy about that? Well nothing really, apart from the fact it’s the first day of the Easter holidays and by rights I shouldn’t be waking up before the ‘alarm clock that wasn’t even set because it’s the holidays’ but I did!

I’m what you might call a broken sleeper. Waking up is not something I enjoy doing in the normal Monday to Friday run of the mill because I never tend to wake up before anyone else these days, no matter how hard I try. Imagine – you’re fast asleep, cosy and dreaming when you are woken up by the door slamming against the cupboard as it has been pushed open with some vim & vigour and the first words you hear are what’s for breakfast – that. That’s why I like to wake up before anyone else so I can get going in my own time! Which is why this waking up AND getting up bright and chipper this morning has taken me by surprise.

But it’s a nice surprise because in the last hour or so I have emptied the dishwasher, put it on a cleaning wash (I know domesticated so early in the morning), the washing is on the line (not sure if it will try by elevenses but it’s on the line), had a good long critical look at the fridge contents and most of it is now in the bin or compost, written a shopping list, swept the kitchen floor and wiped the work surfaces down. IN PEACE. No radio, no music, no bickering, no barking, no noise, no nothing, nothing!

Everyone in the house is exhausted with school, college and work. Laree has returned from a residential trip with a very husky voice meaning she’s either been on the Capstan full strength or has been talking all night with her school friends plus her tooth fell out so she will be hugging her pillow a few hours more, Loops & Mook are teenager dirt bags and will appear bleary eyed with hair all over the place and Big Welsh although tired will probably bounce out of bed shortly to go for a lengthy cycle ride. Which means the house will be quiet again.

Until everyone wakes up, throws open the bedroom door which will slam against the cupboard as it has been pushed open with some vim & vigour and the first words they mutter are what’s for breakfast – to an empty room!

And then the day will begin again!


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