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The Judas Scar - By Amanda Jennings

Of course I jumped at the chance to review The Judas Scar the new book by Amanda Jennings, after all her first bookwas brilliant so this was surely going to be the same no?

NO. Actually it wasn’t the same. It was nowhere near the same. It was totally and utterly more brillYANT.

The book is about a couple, Will and Harmony, whose marriage was rocked by a miscarriage and were needing to get back on track, when a stranger, Luke, who wasn’t really a stranger appeared on the scene to reminisce in a menacing and angry way.

I started off reading it slowly and my inner control worked well. I got to know the characters and felt compelled to shout at everyone with my hands up by my mouth No, nooooo, NOooOooo!!!

Then boooom and whack my inner control lost it and hardly daring to breathe I gulped – yes gulped – the book down, as a result my reading was frantic and I assure you that YOU will also gulp it down. At the end of the book I thought blimey, crikey and a bucketload of other words and expletives how on earth could I not see that??? I then had to re-read the last few chapters to make sure it ended like I had read it and it did end like I had read it. How??

Well I’ll tell you why, it’s because Amanda Jennings is a high priestess of weaving in twisty turns and stings in tails, which could make her sound like a scary author lady, but she’s not scary. She’s a lovable person who just so happens to write books, not just any books but blinking ace books, not that I suggest you do actually blink because if you do you will miss something.

I wish she’d hurry up with the next book and the one after that.

Thank you Amanda for the opportunity to review The Judas Scar x


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