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The Real Greek : Review

Years and years ago Big Welsh and I used to fly to Athens and take a ferry to whatever island happened to be in dock, whereupon we would disembark and find board and lodgings wherever it took our fancy. So began our love of Greece.

Our favourite route was to the Cyclades and the beautiful islands of Paros, Anti Paros, Naxos, Syros, Ios and Mykonos and Lesbos. The sun always shone and the food was plentiful. Many years later we went back with the children for three weeks but this was a different holiday as we had booked accommodation and a car (albeit a Nissan Micra, if you have ever tried to jam 2 adults, 3 children and suitcases for 3 weeks into a Nissan Micra you will understand!). The holiday was altogether different but the experience was just as magical.

Fast forward many years later when an email arrived asking if I would like to review The Real Greek in Reading, of course I said yes! Who knew that Greece was so close? In the olden days we would fly from wherever we could get flights but now Greece is just down the road!

The Real Greek is situated outside Debenhams in what I call Reading’s food quarter, there was a real buzz in the area with a beach bar and lots of outside diners. Ok granted the weather wasn't Greek and we hadn't just come off the beach after a day of doing nothing but it was really nice to get out with Big Welsh and have an evening. I also have a major confession …… we were so busy chatting and enjoying the food that I took TWO photos, just two!! Oh yes and also due to Rachel and Jon Bradley being on the table next to us!

We were shown to our table by a very jolly waitress who couldn’t have been more friendly and who handed us the menus with a huge beaming smile. Oh the menu, as accustomed as we are with Greek food the choice was unbelievable and we could have lived out our days grazing! In the end we went for the sharing platter and it really made me chuckle when Big Welsh said “you choose” and I chose everything he agreed with. After 28 years it’s safe to say we know each other’s food favourites!

Greek Flatbread. Green Pea Fava. Hummous. Meat Pie. Prawn Saganaki. Barbecue Chicken Wings. No olives.

Our drinks arrived swiftly and as we watched towers of food being delivered to the other tables we drooled (though not over each other, after 28 years!) and waited patiently. Thankfully we didn't have long to wait and our feast arrived so we dived in.

Oh my days. The food is divine. Fact.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the big high ceilings and wide windows made it a bright environment, I should have taken photos but like I said I was lost in the moment and was enjoying the delicious food. It was very much a treat to meet Tonia Buxton who explained a little bit about the restaurant and where the food supplies come from.

As we happily ate our way through the food we could have been in Greece. Everything is so Greek, so perfect. It truly is The Real Greek.


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