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Wales Week / Berkshire : Spotlight : North Wales Tourism

For 2024 we are introducing Wales Week / Berkshire Spotlight Days, a chance for you to learn more about Wales, Welsh organisations, benefit from a discount code where applicable and listen to some of their favourites tunes which you can find on the Wales Week / Berkshire 2024 Spotify Playlist.

Today the spotlight heads to North Wales a place I make no secret of how much I love and am proud to be be an Ambassador for, read my love letter to North Wales.

There is so much to see and do, I was there for a week in June 2022 and I only just scratched the surface. The Welsh are so proud of their country and so they should be. I truly felt I was taken to their hearts with my love and passion for Wales, when I started talking about my family tree they agreed I'm honorary Welsh with my 12% Welshness, I'm not Welsh but I'm not not Welsh!

In Berkshire there are many ways to get to North Wales, there is of course the direct route which takes in the M4, M40, M42, M6 and M56 but to be honest all those motorways make me shudder so I either go via South and West Wales (I know it's a circuitous route but it's pretty) or cross country taking in parts of Oxfordshire and visiting family in Warwickshire and friends in Shropshire avoiding motorways where possible.

There's also the train but that involves lots of changes and I like to be spontaneous which I can't be strapped into a seat. Whichever way you travel to North Wales when you get there you'll be spoilt for choice.

There's a funny yarn about people in pubs talking English and then switching to Welsh when someone English walks in, I have never experienced that. Instead I found people who were keen to show off their local area with immense pride and so they should.

Check out this to video -

For more inspiration and help with places to visit be sure to check out GO NORTH WALES.


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