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Wales Week / Berkshire - 2023 introduction

Since Wales Week / Berkshire joined Wales Week / Worldwide in 2020 we have been making Welsh noise and connecting the Welsh along the M4 corridor, Berkshire and surrounding counties. Read the Press Release to see how it all began!

For 2023 we are very grateful to Berkshire businesses who are putting on a Welsh theme or menu (see HERE for the list), our tourism partners who are offering a discount for bookings made during Wales Week / Berkshire (19 February to 5 March) to be taken at a later date and Welsh businesses who are offering discounts for orders placed during Wales Week / Berkshire (see HERE).

This year we have included Welsh Societies in neighbouring counties as well as links to Wales Week / London who without their support following a very cold meeting with Dan on the concourse at Reading Station Wales Week / Berkshire would still be a pipe dream.

If you know any Welsh in the area please do let them know about the FB group ‘Welsh in Berkshire’, it’s not a society it’s a community for the Welsh diaspora and those who love Wales!

Do you know any venues that stock Welsh food, drink, books, gifts or homewares or are doing any Welsh menus during Wales Week, for the game or St David’s Day please do let me know and I will add them to the list.

Keep an eye on our social media channels (Insta, FB and Twitter) and together let's make lots of Welsh noise.

Finally if you know anywhere that stocks Welsh food and drink please let me know and I can add them to the Welsh Grub Crawl for when you have a pang of Hiraeth and need a taste of home.



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