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Wales Week / Berkshire : Spotlight : Hive Drinks Co

For 2024 we are introducing Wales Week / Berkshire Spotlight Days, a chance for you to learn more about some Welsh organisations and people, benefit from a discount code where applicable and listen to some of their favourites tunes which you can find on the Wales Week / Berkshire 2024 Spotify Playlist.

HIVE is made entirely from pure honey and pristine water. Crafted in collaboration with renowned companies Afon Mel Meadery and Hensol Castle Distillery HIVE DRINKS Co offers a truly unique and exceptional taste experience that will captivate the senses of spirit lovers alike and transport them to the heart of the HIVE.​​

We asked James what makes the honey spirit truly remarkable?

He said "Put simply it is its purity and authenticity.​

Made from the finest blossom honey and spring water, it is a testament to the art of preserving the delicate botanicals and flavours that arise from the exceptional craftsmanship of UK beekeepers and the bustling bees they care for. ​​

Our commitment to quality extends to the fermentation process which takes place at Afon Mel Meadery and the distillation process which takes place at Castell Hensol Distillery, both renowned for their expertise and dedication to producing exceptional wines and spirits. By collaborating closely with these esteemed companies, we have created a unique and exclusive, small batch honey spirit that is unlike anything else on the market.​"

Order your bottle of HIVE on Thursday 22nd February for delivery before 1st March and receive a free mini bottle.


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