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Wales Week / Berkshire : Spotlight : Quantum Coffee Roasters

For 2024 we are introducing Wales Week / Berkshire Spotlight Days, a chance for you to learn more about some Welsh organisations, benefit from a discount code where applicable and listen to some of their favourites tunes which you can find on the Wales Week / Berkshire 2024 Spotify Playlist.

Croeso! Yasou! Quantum Coffee Roasters from Cardiff who are very kindly getting involved with Wales Week / Berkshire and are also offering a discount code for Wales Week.

QUANTUM COFFEE ROASTERS are Dimitris, Katia and their young daughter (the BOSS of everything and possibly future Quantum roastmaster!).

This is a family venture and as a couple, they share the same passions; this includes all things coffee and this is how Quantum Coffee Roasters began its journey back in May 2015, as a combination coffee roastery and coffee house. Their coffee house, set in the heart of Cardiff Bay opened its doors in November 2015 and you can also find them opposite Cardiff Castle.

Take a look at the video, start the day the QUANTUM COFFEE way

and order your coffee today using the unique code WALESWEEK24.


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