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WASuP - Don’t leave home without it

Don’t walk out the door without WASuP, you’ll thank me for that advice.

Settle down for I’m about to tell you a yarn …

… As well as being accident prone I’m also rather tasty to biting insects and attractive to stinging (nettles) and rash inducing plants (Forget me not). You know that shock surprise of being bitten or stung and the desire to itch? That just makes it worse and it also wastes so much time.

My lovely friend Rag of The Preservation Society introduced me to a thing called WASuP and oh by crikey I won’t leave home without it now. Keys, phone, charger, water, WASuP - check!

So clever. When you get stung you press the middle and out pops a vinegar infused tissue which when placed on the sting area gives instant sting relief. Genius.

“WASuP comes in an extremely portable 4.5ml capsule which makes it perfect for taking to the park, the beach, festivals, days out … the list goes on! The capsule is recyclable and the cloth is biodegradable so isn't just great for you - it's great for the planet too!”

It’s a Welsh business, comes in a pack of 4, is lightweight so you can pop one in your pocket or a pack in the post as a gift. I used one when I stupidly brushed past some nettles whilst out walking the dogs (if anything can turn the sky blue a sting can!), again when I got bitten on the back of my neck in the garden (they silently approach and make their attack) and gave one to my lovely talented friend Tara Cole of Tango and Twist who was at the Henley Decor Fair (as a side note she gave me a brilliant mug with my name on it that is hellishly difficult to photograph, see if you can find it on her socials & website). I’ve been asked if they’re ok for dogs and horses so I checked and yes they are! See they’re so versatile!

Anyone with a summer birthday is getting a pack, instead of giving flowers when I’m invited anywhere the hosts are getting them. I’ve spoken to a golfer friend (I don’t play golf but I know people who do) and he said they’d be brilliant for golfers, spoke to an angler (don’t do fishing either) who said the same. Infact wherever there’s people and sting potential they’re ideal. So if you’re looking for a natural sting relief with recyclable packaging you can stop looking now, I’ve found it for you.

Organising an event and looking for a new exhibitor? I can highly recommend WASuP who attended the Wales Week / Worldwide Wales Week / Berkshire Pop Up Market earlier this year and the Glanusk Estate Fayre and NGS Open Garden a few weeks ago.

Thank you for reading, you’ll thank me!



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